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Technology news

Technology news

Covid contact-tracing app not sharing data with police

The app is not part of NHS Test and Trace, which said it would occasionally share some data.

Google Trusted Contacts emergency location app discontinued

Google pulls its emergency app, telling users to share their location on Google Maps instead.

How AI farmed insects are helping to feed chickens

Artificial intelligence is helping produce a new kind of feed for farmyard chickens.

Instagram filters: 'Our skin is for life, not for likes'

Can the use of Instagram filters - which change the tone, colour and shape of your face - be a form of racial discrimination?

EU investigates Instagram over handling of children's data

Facebook could face a large fine if Instagram is found to have broken European Union privacy laws.

Instagram filters: 'You can't wear my skin for likes'

Instagram filters are treating ethnicity and skin colour 'like an accessory".

Anti-Trump TikTokkers not declaring paid content

TikTok creators have been making anti-Trump videos without disclosing they were paid for.

Is sainthood on the cards for a computer programmer?

A computer programmer’s beatification could lead to the world’s first millennial saint.

How smart devices are exploited for domestic abuse

Two women explain how their partners turned internet-connected gadgets into a means of control.

Drivers to be banned from picking up mobile phones

The change to UK law ends a loophole allowing drivers to use phones to take photos or play games.