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Mobile video surveillance


saXon presents the next generation Fleet Management solution that allows you to see real-time locations of all your fleet vehicles and stream live video and audio directly to your computer.   The easy to use Web Based interface allows 24 hour access to your fleet.  The playback function gives you access to your vehicles past location.  Review the speed, address, breadcrumb trail and recorded video from your vehicle.   

One mouse click gives you live streaming video.  Video from up to 8 cameras can be sent live over your 3G or 4G network for real time situational awareness.
Our system gives users the ability to hear and communicate with two way audio communication.

Our enterprise user management system will allow different users special or restricted access to your fleet.  Receive SMS or email alerts for over-speed events, route deviations, G-Force Alarms, restricted zone violations

saXon’s line of MDVRs offer the cutting-edge of mobile surveillance technology.  The Mobile DVR's provide powerful solutions for any industry or service vehicle, ranging from the affordable and easy to use H4 to the powerhouse Hr4Pro MDVR.mdvr-cms

saXon's MDVR's enables you to view the paths of vehicles on a Google map while simultaneously viewing up to 4 channels of LIVE video playback from the MDVR.  In addition, it also provides users with variables such as sensor events, alarm triggers, door open/close, speed, G-force, and other information that may be of use in assessing a fleet's operations. It is a powerful solution for any fleet that needs to operate at maximum efficiency.  The system allows public transit, charter, pupil transport, agricultural, and even armed forces fleet managers to observe variables that may interfere with operations, pick shorter paths, or identify mistakes and problems that could wind up costing the organization both time and money.

The saXon MDVRs can automatically downloads the video from the mobile unit via wireless or a hardwired network connection.  Once setup, saXon Mobile DVR will push video to the central server when the ignition of the vehicle has been turned off, eliminating the need to individually download the event or video information to the server.  Auto Download is perfect for applications where time is in short supply.  Emergency response, fleet lines, charter lines, law enforcement, and public transit vehicles can all benefit from this ability to automatically download video to a central location.


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