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The PSIM Platform enables the integration and organization of any number and type of security devices or systems and provides a common set of  services for analyzing and managing the incoming information.  It also serves as the common services platform  for video and situation management applications.  Within the PSIM Platform are five key components:

What is PSIM ?



PSIM is a new buzzword circulating around the security world, but there is no agreement on what defines PSIM software and what its key capabilities are. The low awareness of what PSIM software is and its capabilities is a key limiting factor in the initial growth of the market.

A PSIM is a software platform which meets at least the following criteria:

Benefits of a PSIM system

psim Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) products help to solve two problems. They extract the most relevant and interesting data from the deluge of security information sources, including cameras, video analytics, access control event logs, intrusion sensors, HVAC & environmental sensors, fire and other alarms, crime statistics; and PSIM products give us a view into security system usage, performance, regulatory compliance, and general security anomalies previously very difficult to acquire. PSIM systems, designed and optimized to integrate and analyze information from traditional physical security devices and systems and present the necessary data to identify and help resolve the situation in real time. PSIM, is the rapidly growing technology category that marries physical security device management with the automation and reasoning capabilities of computing. A complete PSIM software system provides all the necessary tools for situation management including: