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Improving the security is more affordable and easier to do than ever before. Whether yours is a small shop room or a huge shopping mall, we have appropriate solutions. We also have residential and industrial security solutions. saXon is a total security solutions company providing both physical and cyber security.

Choosing a Video Surveillance System

Selecting a video surveillance system will depend, in part, on the nature of your home/office: size, layout, number of possible entry points, etc. Before purchasing a video surveillance system, figure out exactly why you need this technology and where you’d like to have the cameras mounted.But one thing’s for sure; no matter how many cameras you have, they must be able to provide a good view of prominent areas like rooftops, attics, doorways and other locations where intruders can gain entry or hide.

Peripheral & Perimeter security


saXon provides Perimeter Security Solutions that meet international guidelines and standards.

We deliver a full range of services including planning, consulting, security engineering, technology selection, full site integration, construction and follow-on service and maintenance. Our integrated solutions ensure that our customers are confident in their ability to realize their performance-based security objectives.

Home and office automation

saXon provide consulting services for whatever your home and business technology needs may be.  Whether you are building a new home, have an existing home, office, shop or other commercial building we have the experience and knowledge to help you do it right the first time.


The PSIM Platform enables the integration and organization of any number and type of security devices or systems and provides a common set of  services for analyzing and managing the incoming information.  It also serves as the common services platform  for video and situation management applications.  Within the PSIM Platform are five key components:

What is PSIM ?



PSIM is a new buzzword circulating around the security world, but there is no agreement on what defines PSIM software and what its key capabilities are. The low awareness of what PSIM software is and its capabilities is a key limiting factor in the initial growth of the market.

A PSIM is a software platform which meets at least the following criteria:

Fire detection and prevention systems

saXon , a certified contractor of fire detection, prevention and fighting systems, can provide fire detections systems can be hard-wired, addressable wire, wireless (residential), and/or networked across a campus-style environment. saXon has strategic partnerships with world leading brands in the fire detection and alarm systems and can also provide the most suitable systems based on the client requirements.

Mobile video surveillance


saXon presents the next generation Fleet Management solution that allows you to see real-time locations of all your fleet vehicles and stream live video and audio directly to your computer.   The easy to use Web Based interface allows 24 hour access to your fleet.  The playback function gives you access to your vehicles past location.  Review the speed, address, breadcrumb trail and recorded video from your vehicle.   

Video Analytics

Video Analytics

Video Analytics or Smart CCTV are commercial terms for Video Content Analysis (VCA) in the security domain. Also known as IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance), VCA is the capability of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine temporal events, allowing its users to easily monitor and secure areas with security cameras. With this new state of the art technology, businesses can easily monitor places of interest with sophisticated software that makes detecting threats or unwanted visitors simple and effective.

Benefits of Video Analytics

Video analytics offers many benefits to a new or existing CCTV system. They include like the following.

Real-Time Effective management of the monitoring system.

VCA software can display live video in real time and real time are alerts, based on predefined policies, will notify you immediately when there is a threat. Various alerts can be setup. These include email notification SMS messaging, on-screen alerts, alarms and triggers and even contacting the proper authorities. Video analytics allows you to better monitor your location with the smartest and latest security technology. It allows less time to be used up monitoring multiple video feeds and quicker response times.



CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TeleVision, and is a system of security cameras all linked to one monitoring system. Because they are now much more affordable, CCTV cameras are now gaining in popularity with owners to secure their home,  businesses and other properties.