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IT Infrastructure


saXon provides strategical planning, architecture, design and deployment services to build robust and secure solutions into your infrastructure-including campus and local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and data center networks-that will better secure the integrity of your critical business systems and data. Our services help enable intrusion detection, anomaly detection, encryption, remediation and management, so only authorized users and devices can access your critical resources. Plus, we can help you with complex network upgrades, refreshes, expansions and consolidations involving routers, switches, servers, other networking equipment and cabling.

saXon can help you speed the fulfillment of your key business initiatives while optimizing your business operations during the implementation process.

We help you to create an innovative, scalable and flexible infrastructure designed to deliver improved business responsiveness and return on investment (ROI) while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). We integrate best practices from our experience to help transform and optimize your IT infrastructure.

With the explosive growth of multimedia and server virtualization, Enterprise Networks today are experiencing similar requirements for economics of scale that was experienced in the Service providers world 10 years ago. Enterprise networks now must address these requirements with the use of network virtualization technologies once only applied to Service providers and Large enterprises such as MPLS and VPLS to virtualize the network. saXon solutions architects have directly supported Design, Operation and Implementation for Tier 1 service providers and our engineers can help provide best practices across multiple industries from large scale service providers to Government agencies.

saXon's multi-vendor expertise and strategic alliances with leading technology vendors help to provide unbiased and best of breed technology solutions and technology-driven consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing services and products.

Our Integration team validates technology solutions and reduces risk while accelerating deployment of complex and cutting edge solution. We provide commercial organizations with IT-enabled strategies and solutions that offer practical value today while positioning them to meet tomorrow’s business and technology challenges.With our constant focus on improved business results, we help our customers formulate comprehensive plans for linking IT strategies and investments to the needs of the business and maximizing return on technology investments.

Select saXon to provide comprehensive IT infrastructure services to you including data center hosting/server management; disaster recovery services; service desk services; desktop services; network services and security.

Based on a proven delivery model for networking, we can help ensure your network’s ability to provide the level of availability and performance your business requires.

We can help you in:

  • Tailor network design to respond to changing business requirements
  • Implement complex network upgrades, refreshes, expansions and consolidations
  • Improve network availability and performance
  • Simplify project coordination and accelerate implementation schedules
  • Reduce the risks associated with making changes to the network
  • Delivers a network design directly linked to your business needs.
  • Leverages proven processes to provide a quicker return on investment.
  • Reduces the risks associated with complex data center upgrades
  • Network architecture and design based on your data center requirements
  • A comprehensive design that integrates with your data center servers, storage, existing networking infrastructure 
  • Prepare your networking infrastructure to support technologies
  • Technology readiness and refresh - Firewalls, Remote Access, IPS, Network Access Control, Wan acceleration, Virtualization, Storage area networks, Unified Communication, Video Teleconferencing Multi vendor interoperability, Switching, Core , Network Virtualization and wireless
  • Project management, configuration,implementation, network cabling and system testing of server-to-network connectivity, routers, switches, acceleration devices and high-availability Internet Protocol (IP) server connections
  • Architect, design, integrate and deploy a networking infrastructure that can keep pace with your business requirements
  • Address complex network upgrades, expansions, consolidations and migrations
  • Integrate dissimilar networks accrued during growth, mergers or acquisitions
  • Simplify project coordination and accelerate implementation schedules
  • Reduce the risks associated with making changes to the network
  • Improve service delivery and control the cost of network monitoring and management


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