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Networks & Communication technologies

wimaxsaXon, a team of dedicated professionals, focuses on all aspects of communications and networking technologies. Based on industry leading products and technologies, we make enterprise class networks including Long Range Wireless Backhauls upto 50KMs, Long range Wireless LANs, Microwave Links, various Fiber Optic Networks as well as shielded/unshielded copper networks for commercial, residential, military or educational infrastructures.

IT Infrastructure


saXon provides strategical planning, architecture, design and deployment services to build robust and secure solutions into your infrastructure-including campus and local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and data center networks-that will better secure the integrity of your critical business systems and data. Our services help enable intrusion detection, anomaly detection, encryption, remediation and management, so only authorized users and devices can access your critical resources. Plus, we can help you with complex network upgrades, refreshes, expansions and consolidations involving routers, switches, servers, other networking equipment and cabling.