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Enterprise solutions

Cyber Security


saXon offers a complete portfolio of cyber security services designed to assist organizations in assessing, measuring, analyzing, and resolving information security vulnerabilities.

SAP ERP Solutions

 SAP offers business platform that enhances business efficiency, enables optimal usage of the information resources. SAP software solutions can be integrated with different systems as they support various data bases, applications, operating systems and hardware of almost all manufacturers. SAP has many specific solutions that are developed according to the requirements and standards of different industry branches.

Systems Integration & Application Development


saXon is renowned for successfull design, development and implementation of new applications as well as integrating with new and/or existing systems. We pride ourselves to deliver upon specifications at the right quality and within allocated time and budget. We offer the right expertise at the right cost and at the right place in flexible mix of on-site and off-site capabilities.

IT Infrastructure


saXon provides strategical planning, architecture, design and deployment services to build robust and secure solutions into your infrastructure-including campus and local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and data center networks-that will better secure the integrity of your critical business systems and data. Our services help enable intrusion detection, anomaly detection, encryption, remediation and management, so only authorized users and devices can access your critical resources. Plus, we can help you with complex network upgrades, refreshes, expansions and consolidations involving routers, switches, servers, other networking equipment and cabling.

Building Management Systems


Building management systems enables easy automatic / manual control of building systems, such as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units and lighting equipment. We install fully integrated and computerized systems to control,  monitor and optimize the following systems in any building.