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Building Information Modelling



Building Information Modeling creates an "intelligent" 3D virtual information model of the building before it is built. This model synchronizes inputs from architects, engineers, contractors, developers, manufacturers and owners and all other participants in the process.

Industrial Fabrication

diagramsaXon Engineering & Information Systems is a well established Engineering Company and Fabrication shop. saXon, based in Abu Dhabi, UAE  is the direct representative and sole distributer of Pollution control systems and other allied products of our sister company,  Aswathi Industries Limited, Mumbai, India. We are working with several Principal Contractors and Engineering consultants for fabricating critical equipment for the Process Industry.

Major clients


We are extremely happy to have a clientèle from all over the world. They are the inspiration and power behind our success and motivation for the future. We thank our clients for making us their preferred partner. Here we would like to list some of our major clients.